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We here at Trevor's Corner have a deep-seeded love for the underdog. The guy nobody wanted. The guy everybody picks on. In Super Bowl XXXII, when the Packers were heavily favored to beat Denver into submission, I rooted for the Broncos and spat in the face of Packers fans everywhere when Elway and co. won.

Garrison Hearst is my favorite player on the 49ers, not for any on-the-field accomplishments, but for overcoming overwhelming odds to become a productive player again, when no one thought he would.

It is this love for the underdog that has spurned both the creation of this section of my corner and the candidates contained herein. None of the candidates for the Mascot title have ever been first round picks, they're not stars (yet), and they represent the ideals that got the 49ers back to prominence: solid, mid-round draft picks who dont make the headlines, but contribute mightily.

To that end, I now present you with your four candidates for Trevor's Corner Mascot.

CB Jason Webster was a second round pick by the 49ers in the 2000 draft (no. 48 overall). He started ten games his rookie season and 16 last year, establishing himself as a solid bookend to Pro Bowler Ahmed Plummer. Webster has five career interceptions and 21 career pass defenses. Though considered small, his cover skills are equal to that of Plummer, and often better, though his agressive nature gets him beat on occasion.

LB Jamie Winborn, the 49ers second round pick in 2001, was given all-rookie honors by Pro Football Weekly for posting 11 special teams tackles in his rookie season. In his first career start, he recorded a 49ers rookie record 13 tackles. Recorded 52 tackles last year, 32 solo, in part-time duty. Is expected to start at weakside linebacker with the injury to Jeff Ulbrich.

RB Kevan Barlow was the 49ers' third round pick last year, but played like a man among boys at times, rushing for a career-high 83 yards against the New York Jets on Monday Night Football. He platooned with starter Garrison Hearst last year, logging a carry for every two Hearst carries, finishing with 512 yards on 125 attempts. He figures to get more time this year, and it's widely believed the only thing standing between him and stardom is playing time.

DE John Engelberger once won a bodybuilding competition by using a fake name and lifting two full toolboxes three feet off the ground with arms extended. His size (6'4", 268, smallish for a left defensive end) doesnt give his considerable strength credit. He uses that strength to dominate tackles much bigger than him in the running game, recording 54 tackles, 7.0 sacks, and 4 forced fumbles in two years of starting duty. Though he likely will never get the recognition his hard work deserves, he keeps plodding along, doing his job quietly.

Who do you want to be Trevor's Corner Mascot?

Current Results

So there are your candidates. Analyze 'em, research 'em, and then vote in the poll. Whoever you choose will be the official Trevor's Corner Mascot for the 2002-2003 season and will receive accolades and adulation accordingly. We'll see you next week and let you know the results.

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