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Trevor's Corner is the newest addition to www.49ersparadise.cjb.net. The author, Trevor Halligan, is 20 years and an avid 49ers fan. His perspectives and views on the 49ers are unique and often quirky, but they never fail to amuse.

The site is divided up into four sections. The main area has Trevor's weekly article in it. Packaged up neatly with the main article is the Madden Simulator, a fictitious simulation of the upcoming 49ers game.

Trevor's Corner's Mascot section is a place for information on one player of the reader's choosing who best represents Trevor's Corner and its ideals. Finally, the Fantasy Football Update is a place to note Trevor's musings and thoughts on the 49ers Paradise Fantasy Football League.

If you have questions or comments, please email Trevor. trevor@49ersparadise.cjb.net

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Fan Press:
Now you can write articles for 49ers Paradise, and read what other fans have to say too in the Fan Press section.