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August 28, 2002

Welcome to the beginning of something big.

Well, something good-sized, anyways.

I'm Trevor Halligan and I'm the newest addition to the best damn 49ers fan website on the internet, With respect to the other corner writers on this site, however, I've chosen to mix things up a little bit with Trevor's Corner. In addition to the weekly article I'll be providing you, my soon-to-be-loyal readers, I'll also be throwing in a veritable buttload of cool asides just for your enjoyment.

The first innovation on this site is the incredibly cool "Madden Simulator". For those of you who have been living under a rock for the past 13 years, Madden NFL Football by EA Sports is the pre-eminent NFL video game on the market today. It's an extremely realistic play-at-home version of the game America knows and loves, chalk full of other cool crap that make it simply the single biggest time waster in my life, and possibly the world. For the Simulator, I simply will go through every week and let the computer play out the upcoming week's 49ers game, record statistics, plays of the game, and results, and post them on the site for all you to see. This, of course, will be a 100% accurate prognostication of the result of the upcoming game. Or something.

The second extra in my corner will be the Fantasy Football League Update. I am, in fact, one of the chosen 12 in the spankin' new 49ers Paradise Fantasy Football League, run through My team name is TrevortheGreat (consequently, this is also the handle I use to post in the Paradise Forum and Fan Press), and you'll get to read all my thoughts, musings, and observations about the upcoming season of fantasy football. Plus you can email me to chime in about trades or lineup ideas or what have you. Think of it as a way for you to help me win the championship that I so rightly deserve, and be a part of a league that you aren't really a part of.

The third extra is the Trevor's Corner Mascot. Every year before the season, my readers and I will cast votes as to what player on the current 49ers' roster best represents the ideals upheld by Trevor's Corner. Those ideals are... um... those ideals are...



Oh hell, we'll just pick the player we think is coolest. You can bounce over to that section of the site (once I have it up), check out the candidates, and vote by emailing me your choice. Then throughout the season we'll check out how he does in the real game and in the Madden Simulator, find out some bio information on the guy, I'll pull up snippets of interviews he's done, and we'll generally lift his name up to the heavens.

Sound like fun yet? I sure think so. So send me your emails, your comments, and for the love of God, keep reading, because this corner is powered by you. Well actually, it's mostly powered by me, but you the reader are an important part of the formula that is Trevor's Corner. And by all means, have fun while you're here.

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Welcome to the first installment of the Madden Simulator. Herein and from here on in, you can read the results and completely accurate prognostications of the upcoming week's 49ers game thanks to Trevor and Madden 2003 for the Nintendo GameCube. If you don't have Madden 2003 already, buy it now. It's fantastic.

The San Francisco 49ers got their season off to a great start tonight, beating the New York Giants handily, 24-14.

The scoring barrage began when Jeff Garcia hit Terrell Owens with a 19 yard touchdown pass off of play action early in the first quarter.

An interception by Jason Webster at the 49ers' 51 yard line was returned all the way to the Giants' 5, setting up a four yard touchdown run by Garrison Hearst two plays later.

New York then struck back with a 19 yard touchdown reception by Amani Toomer from Kerry Collins. The score was set up three plays earlier by a bruising 27 yard catch-and-run by rookie tight end Jeremy Shockey.

On the ensuing series, Garrison Hearst took the handoff at the 49ers' 23 and darted, spun, and stiffarmed his way to a 21 yard gain. JJ Stokes would score on an 11 yard touchdown reception four plays later.

The 49ers' defense looked active and agressive this day, as Bryant Young recorded a sack along with Julian Peterson on the next Giants series. The series would end on a Peterson interception returned 10 yards to the Giants' 47 yard line.

Owens dropped a 3rd and five pass that would have gone for a touchdown, setting up Jose Cortez's 37 yard field goal to end the 3rd quarter.

Toomer caught another touchdown, a 13 yard beauty late in the 4th quarter, and the Giants recovered the onside kick, but it would prove to be too little too late, as Young recorded his third sack of the day on first down of that series, John Engelberger recorded a nail-in-the-coffin sack on third down, and Jamie Winborn sealed the victory with a tackle on Tiki Barber on 4th down well short of the first down marker.

Garcia was voted player of the game, going 11/18 for 151 and two touchdowns. His rating was a phenominal 124.9 for the game. Peterson recorded a sack, an interception, and a tipped pass in a highly productive outing. Owens and Stokes each caught touchdown passes for San Francisco, and Hearst provided a solid rushing attack with 48 yards on 10 attempts and one touchdown.

Michael Strahan recorded a sack for the Giants, but refused to comment to any reporters who had associated with running back Tiki Barber. Strahan reportedly referred to Barber as a "dummyhead" and advised the media he would not be signing Barber's birthday card or having any cake.

When asked to comment on his 4-catch, 58-yard performance, Owens responded, "Look, ask me about my production when we lose. I'll be a lot more fun to talk to then. Now excuse me, I have to go give coach my scheduled hug for this hour."

The 49ers' next game is against the Denver Broncos in San Francisco on Sept. 15th. Look for a new edition of the Madden Simulator in the week leading up to that game.