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Welcome to Trevor's Corner Fantasy Update, your one-stop shopping clearinghouse for information and wonderful tidbits regarding the amazing, unbelievable, wondrous, darn respectable 49ers Paradise Fantasy Football League.


Ladies and gentlemen, take it from a seasoned fantasy football vet here and now, the single biggest mistake one can make in fantasy football; that is to say, the one thing that you never ever ever EVER want to do in a league that you plan to win, is not show up for the draft. Draft day is too crucial a step, too important in the grand scheme of the fantasy football world for you to miss. If you miss draft day, prepare to join another league, because your chances in the one whose draft you missed were just cut in half.

But on a lighter note...

The 49ers Paradise Fantasy League's draft began bright and early at the crack of dawn, also known as 8am Pacific. Since it's a rarity to see a domesticated Trevor up and about before 10am, I was a little bit sleepy. That's not an excuse. I just was.

I was armed with the seventh choice in a "snaking" round draft, which, as I explained before, simply means that the draft order reverses every round. In the first round the order is 1-12. In the second round, it's 12-1. Then 1-12 again, and so on. This is advantageous because it keeps everything "fair". The lucky bastard who drew the number one pick doesnt get to hoard players, while the guy with the last pick gets two picks in a row. Trust me, it works.

So without further ado, I give you the first round.


1. The Kelton Rogueyaks: Jeff Garcia (QB, SF)
2. Philly Knockers: Kurt Warner (QB, STL)
3. Legion of Doom: Marshall Faulk (RB, STL)
4. AUSTRALIA: Ahman Green (RB, GB)
5. Players: Shaun Alexander (RB, SEA)
6. CB Niner Nut: Daunte Culpepper (QB, MIN)
7. TrevorTheGreat (Yeah! Go me!): Terrell Owens (WR, SF)
8. Kenai Kings: Randy Moss (WR, MIN)
9. bling bling: Peyton Manning (QB, IND)
10. birds of paradise: Curtis Martin (RB, NYJ)
11. Clan Battleax: Priest Holmes (RB, KC)
12. Margin Walker: Donovan McNabb (QB, PHI)

MY PICK: Well, what can I say? There's always a couple guys who pick a wideout first in the draft, and this year I was one of 'em. The reason I went with Owens is because three of the top QBs and the top three RBs were already off the board when I got to pick. Basically my choices were between Owens, Moss, and Manning. Manning I was a bit uneasy about only because I didnt know how Tony Dungy would affect his production. Owens or Moss will probably wind up being a wash. Owens has a goal set this year for 2000 receiving yards, a feat never before accomplished. And while I know he can do it, he probably wont. Even so, he'll put up some gaudy numbers trying. Besides, I knew exactly what I was doing.

THE REST OF THE LEAGUE: There were several solid picks in the first round. I respect the Rogueyaks for taking Garcia first. This is, after all, a 49ers based league, and plus Garcia has been a fantasy force the past two years. The one question is the injury bug, but then again, aint that a question for EVERY QB not named Favre? Legion of Doom was beyond lucky Faulk fell to him at the third pick. And yes I know he's a damn Ram, but in fantasy football, as in all competition, you check your loyalties at the door. I'm a big Curtis Martin fan, but with all the pounding he's taken in his career, I'd be uneasy taking him in the first round. Margin Walker, even though he's a damn Raiders fan, had fate smiling upon him this day, as McNabb, a guy who, given another great year could be a league-winner, fell to him.


13. Margin Walker: Eddie George (RB, TEN)
14. Clan Battleax: Corey Dillon (RB, CIN)
15. birds of paradise: Edgerrin James (RB, IND)
16. bling bling: Deuce McAllister (RB, NO)
17. Kenai Kings: Isaac Bruce (WR, STL)
18. TrevorTheGreat: Brett Favre (QB, GB)
19. CB Niner Nut: Ricky Williams (RB, MIA)
20. Players: LaDanian Tomlinson (RB, SD)
21. AUSTRALIA: Marvin Harrison (WR, IND)
22. Legion of Doom: Anthony Thomas (RB, CHI)
23. Philly Knockers: David Boston (WR, ARI)
24. The Kelton Rogueyaks: Stephen Davis (RB, WSH)

MY PICK: Ha! Remember rule number one kids, it wont do you wrong. This round represented a huge run on runningbacks, and I went right underneath it and grabbed Favre, a QB capable of league-winning numbers if his revamped WR corps is up to the task. And you have to figure new WRs can only help him, since he put up incredible numbers last year with crap -- established crap, but crap nonetheless -- at WR.

THE REST OF THE LEAGUE: Pretty much every "sure thing" at runningback is off the board now. With 8 of the 12 picks at that one crucial position, most of the top-end talent is gone, leaving those owners who went a bit more... "creative" having to mine for sleepers. That's okay, we can do it. I think McAllister was a big reach in the second. bling bling is just as likely to be crying as laughing at midseason. Margin Walker has taken his second good player in George, one of my favorite non-49ers. Love the Boston pick.


25. The Kelton Rogueyaks: Keyshawn Johnson (WR, TB)
26. Philly Knockers: Torry Holt (WR, STL)
27. Legion of Doom: Aaron Brooks (QB, NO)
28. AUSTRALIA: Rich Gannon (QB, OAK)
29. Players: Rod Smith (WR, DEN)
30. CB Niner Nut: Joe Horn (WR, NO)
31. TrevorTheGreat: Tony Gonzales (TE, KC)
32. Kenai Kings: Steve NcNair (QB, TEN)
33. bling bling: Fred Taylor (RB, JAX)
34. birds of paradise: Drew Bledsoe (QB, BUF)
35. Clan Battleax: Trent Green (QB, KC)
36. Margin Walker: Tim Brown (WR, OAK)

MY PICK: Okay, so I'm thinking to myself "Hey, I'll be sneaky and take a tight end!" Yes I realized I didnt have a single RB yet, the number one position on my priority list, but there were no good options available at that spot. So I took Gonzales. Then some guy says "Dude, Gonzo's holding out, man." I slapped my forehead. Not only had I gotten stupid, but I might get burned by not having Gonzales all year. I immediately began trying to trade him.

THE REST OF THE LEAGUE: bling bling regales us with his second straight head-scratcher in Taylor. The man with franchise talent but a glass jaw (along with damn near every other bone in his body) has been available as a free agent after the draft in every other league I'm in. But hey, maybe he knows something we dont. Love the Bledsoe pick. If Eddie George is 100% in Tennessee, McNair's stats could return to earth after he threw for his life last year.


37. Margin Walker: Garrison Hearst (RB, SF)
38. Clan Battleax: Darrell Jackson (WR, SEA)
39. birds of paradise: Eric Moulds (WR, BUF)
40. bling bling: Plaxico Burress (WR, PIT)
41. Kenai Kings: Emmitt Smith (RB, DAL)
42. TrevorTheGreat: Jerome Bettis (RB, PIT)
43. CB Niner Nut: Michael Bennett (RB, MIN)
44. Players: Brian Griese (QB, DEN)
45. AUSTRALIA: Marcus Pollard (TE, IND)
46. Legion of Doom: Johnnie Morton (WR, KC)
47. Philly Knockers: Duce Staley (RB, PHI)
48. The Kelton Rogueyaks: Antowain Smith (RB, NE)

MY PICK: THERE's my runningback. Bettis had an injury problem last year, but he has a history of bouncing back strong after weak years. This could be a key pick for me, landing a top-flight RB in the fourth. My work at RB isnt done, however.

THE REST OF THE LEAGUE: Now we're all over the board. Margin Walker is officially a little tard thanks to him landing yet ANOTHER solid player in Hearst. Battleax got a very solid pick in Jackson. He seems to produce no matter who's under center in Seattle. I wouldnt touch Emmitt with a ten-foot pole. Yeah, he'll probably break Sweetness' record this year, but his production is WAY too hard to predict. Griese could wind up being a very good pick for Players. Philly is obviously an Eagles fan, as Staley was taken two or three rounds too early.


49. The Kelton Rogueyaks: Chris Chambers (WR, MIA)
50. Philly Knockers: Marty Booker (WR, CHI)
51. Legion of Doom: Jimmy Smith (WR, JAX)
52. AUSTRALIA: Michael Pittman (RB, TB)
53. Players: Terry Glenn (WR, GB)
54. CB Niner Nut: Jerry Rice (WR, OAK)
55. TrevorTheGreat: Charlie Garner (RB, OAK)
56. Kenai Kings: Quincy Carter (QB, DAL)
57. bling bling: Kevin Johnson (WR, CLE)
58. birds of paradise: DEFENSE (PIT)
59. Clan Battleax: Derrick Mason (WR, TEN)
60. Margin Walker: Laveranues Coles (WR, NYJ)

MY PICK: If AUSTRALIA had been in the same room as me, I would have thrown things at him for taking Pittman, my chosen sleeper of the fifth round. That's okay. Garner's a do-everything kinda back (as his time in San Fran indicated) and with only Tyrone Wheatley threatening his starting job, he should post similar numbers to his Pro Bowl season in 2000.

THE REST OF THE LEAGUE: The Kelton Rogueyaks (an odd but still very cool name for a team, I might add) got a great one in Chambers. In Norv Turner's offense, he could be another Michael Irvin, in a good way. Legion of Doom reached a bit on Jimmy Smith, another holdout, but lucked out when he signed. Kenai seems to be living in another world, taking Carter with at least ten QBs still on the board who are more of a sure thing. I think I know who's gonna be taking the most crap at the end of the year.


61. Margin Walker: DEFENSE (TB)
62. Clan Battleax: Keenan McCardell (WR, TB)
63. birds of paradise: James Thrash (WR, PHI)
64. bling bling: Rod Gardner (WR, WSH)
65. Kenai Kings: DEFENSE (STL)
66. TrevorTheGreat: Troy Brown (WR, NE)
67. CB Niner Nut: Amani Toomer (WR, NYG)
68. Players: Derrick Alexander (WR, MIN)
69. AUSTRALIA: Ike Hilliard (WR, NYG)
70. Legion of Doom: Muhsin Muhammad (WR, CAR)
71. Philly Knockers: DEFENSE (WSH)
72. The Kelton Rogueyaks: Jamal Lewis (RB, BAL)

MY PICK: I refused to get caught up in the run on defenses. Brown had over 100 receptions last year in a breakout year, and while I'd be surprised if he matched those numbers this year, he's still a very solid pick this late. I'm stoked.

THE REST OF THE LEAGUE: Three defenses taken. Um, yeah. Like I said kids, dont get caught up in runs. Both Giants' starting wideouts taken within three picks of one another? Unfathomable. Like Emmitt, you wont catch me dead with Giants' wideouts on my roster. Muhammad could potentially be a solid pick.


73. The Kelton Rogueyaks: Ed McCaffrey (WR, DEN)
74. Philly Knockers: Warrick Dunn (RB, ATL)
75. Legion of Doom: Joey Galloway (WR, DAL)
76. AUSTRALIA: Curtis Conway (WR, SD)
77. Players: Chad Lewis (TE, PHI)
78. CB Niner Nut: Byron Chamberlain (TE, MIN)
79. TrevorTheGreat: Travis Henry (RB, BUF)
80. Kenai Kings: Jeremy Shockey (TE, NYG)
81. bling bling: Bubba Franks (TE, GB)
82. birds of paradise: Clinton Portis (RB, DEN)
83. Clan Battleax: Kevan Barlow (RB, SF)
84. Margin Walker: Peerless Price (WR, BUF)

MY PICK: Henry will spearhead a solid Buffalo rushing attack. Yeah he wont rack up Pro Bowl numbers, but I have no problem with his consistency.

THE REST OF THE LEAGUE: The two best picks came on rookies, as Shockey and Portis were snatched up. Shockey already looks like an all-pro, and if Portis doesnt start on opening day, he will by midseason. He's looked like a god in the preseason. Now I'm realizing just how LONG this article's getting to be, so I'll just make sporadic comments after the rounds. Here we go.


85. Margin Walker: William Green (RB, CLE)
86. Clan Battleax: Hines Ward (WR, PIT)
87. birds of paradise: Eric Johnson (TE, SF)
88. bling bling: Freddie Jones (TE, SD)
89. Kenai Kings: Marcus Robinson (WR, CHI)
90. TrevorTheGreat: DeShaun Foster (RB, CAR)
91. CB Niner Nut: Mike Vanderjagt (K, IND)
92. Players: Kevin Dyson (WR, TEN)
93. AUSTRALIA: Martin Grammatica (K, TB)
94. Legion of Doom: Shannon Sharpe (TE, DEN)
95. Philly Knockers: Frank Wycheck (TE, TEN)
96. The Kelton Rogueyaks: Wesley Walls (TE, CAR)

COMMENTS: Foster was actually injured the night before the draft in an exhibition game, reaffirming the importance of rule #3, pay attention at all times. Jones will be good. Kickers and tight ends dominate the round. Snore.


97. The Kelton Rogueyaks: Michael Vick (QB, ATL)
98. Philly Knockers: David Akers (K, PHI)
99. Legion of Doom: Tiki Barber (RB, NYG)
101. Players: DEFENSE (CHI)
102. CB Niner Nut: DEFENSE (CLE)
103. TrevorTheGreat: Peter Warrick (WR, CIN)
104. Kenai Kings: Dorsey Levens (RB, PHI)
105. bling bling: James Stewart (RB, DET)
106. birds of paradise: Willie Jackson (WR, ATL)
107. Clan Battleax: Todd Heap (TE, BAL)
108. Margin Walker: Jeff Wilkins (K, STL)

COMMENTS: Legion of Doom got great value in Barber. Levens was a very solid pick also. Warrick was all over the field last year, except for the end zone. With some stability at QB in Gus Frerotte, he could have that breakout year he's been waiting on for three years.


109. Margin Walker: Jay Riemersma (TE, BUF)
110. Clan Battleax: DEFENSE (SD)
111. birds of paradise: Santana Moss (WR, NYJ)
112. bling bling: Olindo Mare (K, MIA)
113. Kenai Kings: Ryan Longwell (K, GB)
114. TrevorTheGreat: DEFENSE (MIA)
115. CB Niner Nut: Olandis Gary (RB, DEN)
116. Players: Jason Elam (K, DEN)
117. AUSTRALIA: Jay Fiedler (QB, MIA)
118. Legion of Doom: Mike Alstott (RB, TB)
119. Philly Knockers: Tom Brady (QB, NE)
120. The Kelton Rogueyaks: DEFENSE (DAL)

COMMENTS: Moss is a reach, but one that could pay off. You know Jon Gruden will find a way to use Alstott in short yardage situations. And look, even though I didnt get caught up in a run, I still landed a premiere defense in Miami. Onward!


121. The Kelton Rogueyaks: David Terrell (WR, CHI)
122. Philly Knockers: Antonio Bryant (WR, DAL)
123. Legion of Doom: DEFENSE (PHI)
124. AUSTRALIA: David Sloan (TE, NO)
125. Players: Thomas Jones (RB, ARI)
126. CB Niner Nut: Kerry Collins (QB, NYG)
127. TrevorTheGreat: Tim Couch (QB, CLE)
128. Kenai Kings: DEFENSE (SF)
129. bling bling: Koren Robinson (WR, SEA)
130. birds of paradise: Brad Johnson (QB, TB)
131. Clan Battleax: TJ Duckett (RB, ATL)
132. Margin Walker: JJ Stokes (WR, SF)

COMMENTS: Kenai picks up a good late round gem with the Niners' D, who led the league in shutouts last year. I got the class of the round in Couch, though, who could be a starter if he realizes his considerable potential this year.


133. Margin Walker: Jacquez Green (WR, WSH)
134. Clan Battleax: Alge Crumpler (TE, ATL)
135. birds of paradise: Bill Schroeder (WR, DET)
136. bling bling: DEFENSE (NE)
137. Kenai Kings: Kordell Stewart (QB, PIT)
138. TrevorTheGreat: Sebastian Janikowski (K, OAK)
139. CB Niner Nut: Donald Driver (WR, GB)
140. Players: Vinny Testaverde (QB, NYJ)
141. AUSTRALIA: Travis Taylor (WR, BAL)
142. Legion of Doom: Qadry Ismail (WR, IND)
143. Philly Knockers: Jerome Pathon (WR, NO)
144. The Kelton Rogueyaks: Jake Plummer (QB, ARI)

COMMENTS: Ouch. This round was just all-around brutal. Even I made a crap pick in Janikowski, whose job security is in serious peril. Rogueyaks got good value with Plummer. Same with Kenai in Stewart, but he's already got two QBs (well, if you count Quincy Carter as a QB...), but enough about him.


145. The Kelton Rogueyaks: Antwaan Randle El (WR, PIT)
146. Philly Knockers: DEFENSE (TEN)
147. Legion of Doom: Adam Vinatieri (K, NE)
148. AUSTRALIA: Eddie Kennison (WR, KC)
149. Players: Oronde Gadsden (WR, MIA)
150. CB Niner Nut: Donald Hayes (WR, NE)
151. TrevorTheGreat: D'Wayne Bates (WR, MIN)
152. Kenai Kings: Drew Brees (QB, SD)
153. bling bling: Donte' Stallworth (WR, NO)
154. birds of paradise: LaMont Jordan (RB, NYJ)
155. Clan Battleax: Trent Dilfer (QB, SEA)
156. Margin Walker: David Carr (QB, HOU)

COMMENTS: Kudos to the Rogueyaks for having some balls and taking a chance on Randle El, who could be a major playmaker in the Steel City this year. Hayes was very good value this late. Bates has looked much better than Derrick Alexander, who was taken 83 picks earlier. Go me.


157. Margin Walker: DEFENSE (OAK)
158. Clan Battleax: John Carney (K, NO)
159. birds of paradise: DEFENSE (NYJ)
160. bling bling: Ron Dayne (RB, NYG)
161. Kenai Kings: Ernie Conwell (TE, STL)
162. TrevorTheGreat: Germane Crowell (WR, DET)
163. CB Niner Nut: Bill Grammatica (K, ARI)
164. Players: Stephen Alexander (TE, SD)
165. AUSTRALIA: Trung Canidate (RB, STL)
166. Legion of Doom: Mark Brunell (QB, JAX)
167. Philly Knockers: Tyrone Wheatley (RB, OAK)
168. The Kelton Rogueyaks: Doug Brien (K, MIN)

COMMENTS: Legion of Doom got phenominal value in Brunell, who will be a great backup for Aaron Brooks. I took Crowell because he's got more talent than the other two wide recievers ahead of him on the depth chart, Az Hakim and Bill Schroeder, and he could be back on track by the end of the year. Or he could have, had he not gotten injured... again.


145. The Kelton Rogueyaks: James Allen (RB, HOU)
146. Philly Knockers: Morten Anderson (K, KC)
147. Legion of Doom: Paul Edinger (K, CHI)
148. AUSTRALIA: Owen Pochman (K, NYG)
149. Players: DEFENSE (DEN)
150. CB Niner Nut: Mikhael Ricks (TE, DET)
151. TrevorTheGreat: DEFENSE (CIN)
152. Kenai Kings: Steve Christie (K, SD)
153. bling bling: Jim Miller (QB, CHI)
154. birds of paradise: Todd Peterson (K, PIT)
155. Clan Battleax: Jose Cortez (K, SF)
156. Margin Walker: David Patten (WR, NE)

COMMENTS: I have no idea who Pochman is. If anyone knows, and they'd email me and tell me, I'd appreciate it. Allen was good value for the Rogueyaks.


157. Margin Walker: Jonathan Wells (RB, HOU)
158. Clan Battleax: Todd Pinkston (WR, PHI)
159. birds of paradise: Jabar Gaffney (WR, HOU)
160. bling bling: Stacey Mack (RB, JAX)
161. Kenai Kings: Shaun King (QB, TB)
162. TrevorTheGreat: Dez White (WR, CHI)
163. CB Niner Nut: DEFENSE (BAL)
164. Players: Matt Stover (K, BAL)
166. Legion of Doom: DEFENSE (IND)
167. Philly Knockers: Kyle Brady (TE, JAX)
168. The Kelton Rogueyaks: Az-Zahir Hakim (WR, DET)

COMMENTS: Well it's the final round, and out come the sleepers. Wells will be the starter in Houston by season's end. Mack will probably outproduce Fred Taylor, who was taken 127 picks earlier. Gaffney has the potential to produce big early, and Hakim, though inconsistent, has that flair. Dez White is the starter in Chicago opposite Marty Booker, and I got him long after the men behind him on the depth chart, David Terrell and Marcus Robinson, were gone.

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